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Past PAUNS Congresses

11th Congress 2007 in Tunis, Tunisia

13th Congress 2013 in Sharm El-Shiekh, Egypt

14th Congress 2015 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

15th Congress 2017 in Hammamet, Tunis

16th Congress 2018 in Amman, Jordanie

17th Congress 2020 in Cairo, Egypt

18th PAN ARAB & 13th GCC & 26th SNS CONFERENCE

 1975 Cairo, Egypt
 1978 Tunis, Tunisia
 1984 Amman, Jordan
 1993 Tunis, Tunisia
 1995 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
 1997 Ryadh, Saudi Arabia
 2000 Beirut, Lebanon
 2003 Cairo, Egypt
 2005 Cairo, Egypt
 2010 Damascus, Syria


The Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies was established in Cairo, Egypt in 1975